Haturia Zamindar Bari

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Inside the building, the yard is identical to the museum building of sonargaon. Parulia Mosque,According to a Persy inscription attached in the main gateway of the mosque; Bibi Jainab, a daughter of Nasir shah and wife of Diwan Sharif, built this mosque in 1126 AH/ 1714 AD. Internally,it is 18.29m in long, 5.18m wide and the wall of the mosque is 1.52m thick.

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These three brothers later built three separate buildings for them in 1915 (almost 100 years from now). Each of the buildings are having extreme artwork & design, stylish columns, and small statues. Each inches of the building is having a delicate design that impresses everyone even these days.

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In the Mughal style corner towers generally reach above the cornice. The front of this impressive edifice is about 76 meters long and two stories high.

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But from the structure, and the design, it appears that it was built by some rich merchant during the 1900 AD. The structure and the design is almost identical to the Sonargaon Folk art and craft Museum.

A ribbed conical dome supported by a tall octagonal neck is located in the center of the roof and crowns the palace. These are just some of the extraordinary features that continue to attract visitors from around the world to this small corner of the globe. It is hard to believe that all this, and the surrounding city, all started as a simple bit of trade involving hats.


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Shariatpur be done to live up to Sureshwar Madaripur movement. Through to the launch of a long time Shariyatpur public capital.

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But still you can visit the palace for your weekend or any other holidays. You can take your sit at the bench made from stone (once upon a time, now no stone existing, only brick) to get some fresh air. In addition there is an old temple available inside the palace premise.

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But this Nawab (নবাব) Palace is totally different from those. As it was owned by the Muslim landlords, they didn’t have to leave the country or had nothing to fear. And yet still they are powerful on that region now a days.

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