Tools for Client Communication and Collaboration

Being in close contact with clients from the beginning of a business project to its conclusion is an aspect of client communication and collaboration. This may require coordination across multiple departments, teams and even businesses. Effective collaboration between clients means eliminating any miscommunication, delivering an enjoyable experience, and ensuring a successful outcome for all parties […]

Business Data Storage and Sharing

As the business world continues to evolve and evolve, efficient information flow is essential to achieving success. Data sharing and leveraging is a common practice in various industries. From merchants working with supply chain partners to gain accurate market data to insurance companies and banks using customer data to assess risks, sharing of data and […]

How to Use Board Portals for Meetings A governance portal or a board portal software solution provides administrators and directors with a secure, digital workspace to collaborate on confidential documents, information and meetings. The best portals make it easy for members to prepare for and attend board meetings, while also managing the ongoing work between meetings. Modern portals facilitate meeting preparation […]

Effective Corporate Governance Software Effective software for corporate governance simplifies the management of the board of directors of an organization and improves transparency of the decision-making process. It facilitates discussions and meetings as well as boost efficiency and accountability. It also helps companies prioritize data protection and eliminate operational risk. Azeus Convene is a powerful corporate governance system […]

VDR Providers Comparison

A virtual data room is a an environment that is secure for document exchange, which streamlines M&A due diligence processes and speeds up the process of negotiating deals. It can also facilitate IPOs and bankruptcy, contract negotiations and capital raising by simplifying processes and facilitating effective communication between all participants. It can be difficult to […]